FAEE Scholarships

The Foundation of the Association of Energy Engineers scholarships are available to candidates obtaining their undergraduate or graduate degrees who are enrolled in an accredited college or university focusing on energy engineering or energy management.  With the growth of the Association of Energy Engineers, the increase in the number of scholarship applicants, and the rising cost of education, the Foundation of AEE is expanding its efforts to bolster and enhance the financial underpinnings of the Scholarship Program.

2016 FAEE Scholarships

(1) Al Thumann Scholarship ($2,000): Awarded to the most outstanding nominee.

(2) CWEEL Scholarships ($1,000) Awarded to two most outstanding female nominees.

(1) William (Bill) Mashburn Scholarship ($2,000): Awarded to the second most outstanding nominee.

AEE Scholarships ($1,000 each): Awarded in the ranking order until the fiscal year fund run out.

AEE Chapter Scholarships: If a chapter funds and selects local recipients, chapters must submit funds and supporting documentation from each recipient. These students will not be included in the main pool of applicants and restricted funds will be held for distribution until documentation has been received by FAEE*.

FAEE Testimonials from past FAEE Scholars

Clayton Bargsten, Colorado State University
“I have been working on the diagnostics of high energy plasmas in Dr. Jorge Rocca’s lab for the past few years while getting two Bachelor’s degrees, one in Engineering Physics and the other in Physics, at Colorado State University. While I eventually wish to take this knowledge and experience further and work with nuclear energy sources, the work I have been doing has currently transformed into my senior design project.  During this time, the FAEE Scholarship has been an immense help with my living expenses, allowing me much needed time to focus on my education.  I also feel that the scholarship has in no small way validated my hard work over the past years, and makes me excited at the prospect of becoming a fully fledged member of an organization that is so instrumental in addressing the issues I care about.”

Spencer Applegate, Georgia Institute of Technology
“I am currently a student at Georgia Tech studying Nuclear and Radiological Engineering and Computer Science. I have co-oped with Southern Nuclear Company since 2011, and I have also worked as an undergraduate research assistant at Georgia Tech. I am currently working on advancing computational nuclear reactor core modeling/simulation software to increase nuclear efficiency and operational safety. The FAEE scholarship has allowed me to pursue several different passions and opportunities. The scholarship allows me to afford tuition as an out-of-state student at Georgia Tech. While at Tech, I have discovered and pursued my passion for computational research. This research has directly affected how I contribute to the energy industry.”

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